My first week of July was actually spent in BC. We headed to Kamloops for Art in The Park on Canada Day. We had an amazing day connecting with new customers, sharing our wares and chatting natural dying and felting. We camped up near Sun Peaks at Kneouf Lake. It was a beautiful camp site and a nice escape from City life. In our haste to get out the door Mike forgot all his sleeping gear and the pump for his mattress ( thankfully the one Bean and I share had a built in pump) so it was a chilly weekend as we shared our blankets and he slept on the ground.

After the weekend we headed to Kelowna for a few days to visit family and friends and chill for a few days. We visited Kangaroos, Bean swam in the lake and enjoyed unplugging.

Thursday was a long drive home and made a little longer as my facebook gardening groups blew up with news of intense hail in my neighbourhood which lasted 45 minutes. As we drove into the city, there were cars that had slid off the roads and water pooling in many places. Once we got home I ran to check on my plants and many were snapped and decimated. So my dye garden this year will be very minimal unfortunately.

Friday was spent setting up part of my art display at the Bowness Community Association and then an assembly line of solar dye kit making. 

The annual Bowness Stampede breakfast took place on Saturday and I set up to hand out solar dye kits. It was a lovely day connecting with the community and hearing everyone’s excitement for the project. I handed out about 80 jars/kits. I can’t wait to see everyone’s projects. If you are participating please share on Instagram #localcoloryyc

More kits can be picked up Monday-Friday at the Bowness Community Association if you missed out. Or create your own using our instructions.


Beginnings – A Local Color Dye Journey

For the past two years I’ve been exploring and experimenting with natural dyes.  Dying yarns, wools and fabrics. I love the process of creating color but also the exploration and histories of the dyes. With this in mind I’ve decided to embark on a journey for the next year. I plan to grow and forage for dyes we can find within Alberta, explore their possibilities and create a couple of collections of art works. Part of this journey will also include a residency on the same topic this summer at the Bowness Community Association where we will partake in a community dye and weaving project, workshops and a Showcase. I will document my journeys here on the blog for everyone to follow along.

Currently we are in the midst of spring so the beginning of the growing season. I am currently growing some of my seedlings inside. Which for us is quite the undertaking as we have a small house with only one window that will work, so I lost my kitchen table and had to build up as well. So here is our make shift nursery, thanks to Mike.

Currently I have about 400 seedlings, so if they all make it I should have a nice amount for dying. Fingers crossed, last year I killed off most of them. For seedlings I have marigolds ( two varieties) Black Night Scabiosa and Dyers Chamomile.

This week we will be attempting to build a garden bed or two where I will direct sow Coreopsis,, Cosmos and Black Hopi Sunflowers.. Hopefully the weather isn’t too bad, it’s calling for rain and thundershowers. 

I’ll let you know next week how that adventure goes,, until next time, here’s another peek at my seedlings.