Mushroom Making and Road Trip

Friday was my open studio time at Carya Village Commons, a great group popped by and needle felted hearts for our group project and then we made felted mushrooms. It was a fun way to end the week.

After open studio, my friend Wendy picked me up and we loaded up her jeep and headed to Camrose for a fibre festival. We lucked out with great weather and had a fun day connecting with other vendors and customers. 

The Show took place along side an alpaca show so we got to check out all the alpacas before the doors opened for the festival.

I picked up a couple fun items at the festival as well. A sweet stitch marker from Hedgepig Pottery and a yarn holder from Prairie Witch Fibre.

The show was great and we had a lovely dinner before heading home. Part way home we had a bit of excitement as we witnessed a high speed police chase in progress but we made it home, had a glass of wine and off to sleep.

Felted Hearts

I’ve been dying up wools with marigolds, lac, logwood, indigo and madder in prep for today’s workshop with Carya Village Commons.

We started our community project of needle felting hearts. It was a fun morning creating and connecting. At the end of my residency the hearts will all be strung together and hung from a branch as a piece about connection through community and the natural world.

Kids Workshops Prep

I’m looking forward to teaching a couple kids workshops at Carya Village Commons Residency. These could have a range of ages so I’m planning some stories to read that go over process but told through a kids book and then an art project.

The first class will be a weaving. We will create a small wall hanging using popsicle sticks as a loom.


And our second will be creating natural water color paints and painting with them. We will create one in class together and then use some ones I’ve already prepared. My daughter created this one for my sample.


It should be a fun time!

Indigo Samples

I played around yesterday with making a few Indigo samples for an Indigo dip class at my residency.Here they are just after a first rinse.Students will create a few samples and then a larger project as well. The samples can then be used the next week to create a small wall hanging.

My Spring Residency is About to Start

This spring I am doing a residency at the Village Commons at Carya in partnership with Calgary Arts Alliance.

You will find me there doing workshops once a week on natural dying, textiles and fibre arts and also once a week for open studio time. 

He’s a Keeper…..

Recently we had to call the mechanic over to replace our brakes. When he was all finished he told Mike he could take away the old parts. Mike took one look at them and said no thank you my wife will want these. He knows me too well, where there’s rust there’s art…..

I took the two hubs and sandwiched a silk scarf between, rusted overnight, set it and then dipped it in Indigo. I love the results!

Experiments with Pomegranate Peels

Pomegranate makes a great dye to use as aTannin, it’s usually a yellow when created into a dye. But I was curious what would happen if  I bundle dyed with it. We had tried a little bit at my food scraps workshop for Food Week and it had resulted in some peaches so I wanted to try again at home. I did pomegranate, rose petals and cochineal and I love the results, would be great for Valentine’s Day.