Week Two at Carya

It’s been a fun week at my residency at Carya Village Commons. Tuesday’s workshop was knitting and we had a full studio of eager knitters and a few needle felters. We got everyone casting on and knitting their practice swatches.














Friday they all showed up eager to continue on their knitting journey. We also had some more needle felting and a weaver started a project on my loom. He was so excited for the loom that he was waiting for me at the door when I arrived.



Mushroom Making and Road Trip

Friday was my open studio time at Carya Village Commons, a great group popped by and needle felted hearts for our group project and then we made felted mushrooms. It was a fun way to end the week.

After open studio, my friend Wendy picked me up and we loaded up her jeep and headed to Camrose for a fibre festival. We lucked out with great weather and had a fun day connecting with other vendors and customers. 

The Show took place along side an alpaca show so we got to check out all the alpacas before the doors opened for the festival.

I picked up a couple fun items at the festival as well. A sweet stitch marker from Hedgepig Pottery and a yarn holder from Prairie Witch Fibre.

The show was great and we had a lovely dinner before heading home. Part way home we had a bit of excitement as we witnessed a high speed police chase in progress but we made it home, had a glass of wine and off to sleep.

Sweater Finished!

I finished knitting my summer project. The Alpine Bloom Tee by Caitlin Hunter. I knit this in my hand dyed local wool. I dyed it with Marigolds and it’s a sport weight Merino/Rambouillet. I’m in love with the fit and the design of this sweater. I see more in my future.

Bean snapped a photo of me at The Prairie Festival in Lacombe AB, where I was vending my needle felting company The General Bean