BCA Residency Showcase

After a morning of mending, the community and I enjoyed an afternoon of discussion, snacks, and art. Our community weaving turned out Beautiful. All of the wools were naturally dyed with local materials the community grew, foraged or used food scraps. They dyed the materials with the solar dye kits they picked up throughout the summer and then brought in their finished piece to add to the weaving. 

It was so lovely to hear about peoples experiments and stories of how the project brought families and neighbours closer together. We enjoyed snacks and stories and a friend of mine even came out from Medicine Hat to surprise me. 

Along with the weaving I showcased three photographs from my partner Mike which were of my dye plants I have grown and rusty bits I use for dyeing with. I also had two pieces, a bundle dyed cloth and a stitched and rusted piece. 

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