Mushroom Love!

This year I took on an artistic challenge and applied for a local art show MushLove here in Calgary. With the theme being mushrooms I wanted to incorporate mushroom dying into my final piece. Being the wrong time of year to forage I was toying with the idea of ordering some dried mushrooms when someone wandered into my booth at the Vintage and Vines market and started chatting with me about my love of felting mushrooms and this art show coming up. HIs name was Simon from Soma Mushrooms and was talking about the show I had signed up for. 

It turned out Simon makes tinctures from mushrooms and herbs and was wanting to experiment with extracting dye from mushrooms. So a collaboration ensued. When the dye was ready I drove out to Strathmore AB to meet up with Simon and exchange an art piece for a jar of mushroom dye. He had a science lab in his basement and a toddler under toe. It was fascinating to see his process and to come home with a jar of pigment.

I took this dye and diluted it in a pot of water, cooked it up and dyed some wool

The colours came out a beautiful golden brown. I used this wool to felt mushrooms on and with a hare sculpture named Rusty for the show.

The opening of Mushlove was a beautiful event at Nverland Gallery.




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